Online events platform

ZEEN is an online event platform.

Deep customization allows you to create a new experience and keep the attention of viewers.


We’ve started develope ZEEN (which we simply call Zina in Russian) back in November 2019. We wanted to make a cool addition to offline. Then you yourself know what happened and now ZEEN is almost the only such one - a versatile, independent beauty.

Scroll below and find out the platform details for full online events.

Try to present your tasks and compare them with all the features of ZEEN.

ZEEN - more then platform.
ZEEN is approach.

Attention. Keeping attention is the most important task of the online platform.


Temptations. The viewer has a lot of temptations. Our task is to leave it with us, providing a variety of types of content.


Customization The guest’s paths are different, so the impressions of different brands should be different. Deep thoughtful customization is in Zeen DNA. We are away from template solutions.


Content Online exists according to its own laws, here its own requirements for conciseness and clarity. We do not copy content from offline to online, these are two parallel processes.


Data. Knowing what and how viewers are watching, what causes and what kind of reaction is the basis for long-term work with the audience.


Offline + Online. We see strength in connecting the benefits of offline and online. The picture should be thoughtful and effective. Participating in offline and online events are two different experiences with their brand value.


ZEEN is very flexible. We want every unique business to be able to tailor its functions to its tasks.

Just write to us and we will send an example of customization ZEEN for your company / task. zeen@eventum-premo.ru

ZEEN cases
Drink&Talks 8.04

ZEEN Release

IDRF 2020

7 000 participant huge show

ZEEN Basic version looks like:
Special options

Each event is unique, each company has its own characteristics and we
I like to create special chips for specific tasks.

ZEEN participation

You can take part personally in the upcoming events on ZEEN, just subscribe to the newsletter.

We have a very busy schedule for the summer and we carefully send invitations - we look at your area and call for potentially interesting events. Write - see you on the air.


Do you want us to personally tell you about the platform?

We are happy! Write us a convenient time and we will call you back in any convenient messenger. Let's talk about Zina, show exclusive chips that are not in the public domain.

And a lot of interesting things!


Yet have a questions? 
Write to us: zeen@eventum-premo.ru